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The Handbook

NEW FROM Reading Reform Foundation: Our Handbook

Sunday Is for the Sun,
Monday Is for the Moon

Teaching Reading, One Teacher & Thirty Children at a Time

Authors: Sandra Priest Rose and Glen Nelson

At long last, Reading Reform Foundation has published a book, Sunday Is for the Sun, Monday Is for the Moon: Teaching Reading, One Teacher & Thirty Children at a Time, that describes Reading Reform Foundation's successful program in clear prose so that schools all over the country can copy its approach. The teaching of reading, writing, spelling and comprehension in step-by-step phonics methods that employ the use of the students' senses of seeing, hearing, saying, and kinesthetic (muscle) sense is the basis of this common-sense, neurologically based program. As the title indicates, great attention is paid to analyzing the meaning of words from the beginning of reading because this enhances comprehension.


"It's a relief to come across an alternative approach that celebrates the joys of reading.... This is a most welcome antidote that should be read by classroom teachers, literacy specialists and elementary schools principals. Slim and slender though this volume appears, it's packed with passion and persuasion."
—Education Update

At last! Here is a sympathetic (and realistic) view of a program that trains teachers to teach reading effectively, right in their classrooms! Every child can be taught to read. This book will serve as a guide for teachers and a comfort to concerned parents from every community in the United States.
—Poetatheart, Amazon

Finally, a succinct "how to", describing a method of teaching reading and writing that will work for all teachers of young children. As a First Grade teacher and Reading Specialist of Children K-3, this is a program I used over and over again because it worked. It is fail proof.
—Holderbaun, Amazon

This book has a direct approach in laying out a concise way to help your child or student build a strong reading foundation. A must for parents who want to be part of the process not just an observer.
—Jeffrey Silverman, Amazon


We're Featured on the Huffington Post! Getting Kids to Read and Cook

by Rozanne Gold on February 25, 2013

It's back-to-school month with no letup in our country's interminable decline into child illiteracy and obesity. Each of these epidemics is being addressed by educators, two presidents' wives, chefs, scholars and scores of other professionals -- all of them with competing "solutions."

Two books may help empower kids in the way they ought to be: Sunday Is for the Sun, Monday Is for the Moon, written by Sandra Priest Rose and Glen Nelson (2012), tells the story of how the Reading Reform Foundation of New York has, over the past 30 years, touched the lives of more than 20,000 school kids in kindergarten through third grade by helping them learn to read by understanding word meanings. (It is precisely this age that good, or bad, eating habits come into play, but that's another story.) Deploying multisensory, phonetic techniques, the Foundation trains public school teachers right in their classrooms with some extraordinary results to show for it. [...]

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More About the Book

Sunday Is for the Sun, Monday Is for the Moon: Teaching Reading, One Teacher & Thirty Children at a Time, is a handbook that shows how Reading Reform Foundation of New York trains public-school teachers right in their classrooms to teach reading, writing, spelling and comprehension effectively. Reading Reform Foundation's phonetic approach uses multisensory techniques for teaching and for learning. This approach has worked successfully for over thirty years in more than 1,300 classrooms and with over 30,000 children. The program's strength lies in the twice-a-week visits by Reading Reform Foundation mentors all school-year long. If this combination of step-by-step methods and sympathetic professional support were replicated in every elementary school in the United States, millions of children would read effortlessly and joyously.

About the Authors

Sandra Priest Rose, one of the founders of Reading Reform Foundation of New York, has worked in the New York City public schools for over fifty years, first as a volunteer, then as a teacher in the South Bronx, and finally as Chairman and Treasurer of this not-for-profit organization dedicated to training teachers in successful approaches to teaching reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. Her goal is to have every child read myths, fairy tales, history, biography, science and geography, and learn about music and art, in order to open up the world of knowledge the rightful heritage of each child.

Glen Nelson is a freelance writer based in New York. He specializes in collaborating with business and nonprofit professionals to tell their stories in print. To date, he has had three New York Times bestsellers. Sunday Is for the Sun is his 15th book.


What is Our Approach?

Students are taught the written form of the sounds of English, which they then put into words. This makes English logical.

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What People Are Saying

Thank you for the book that you just gave me... I love to read books and I like the Reading Reform program because it helps me with spelling and sounds.

—Second-grade student, Manhattan

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Reading Reform Foundation offers courses all year round which model the techniques of our approach to teaching. Participants may be certified teachers, administrators or parents. Classes are held in our conveniently located headquarters, one half-block west of Columbus Circle.

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